• Non-Surgical Face Lift
  • Skin Tightening in one Session
  • New Collagen & Elastin
  • Tighter Firmer Skin
  • Zero Downtime

Procedure Time

60 minutes

No. of treatments

1 – 2





Firmer Tighter Skin


£300 for one session

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Why Consider HIFU Facelift?

  • Finally, a Face lift treatment that does not require surgery, only the use of ultra sound. The ultra sound works in the deep layers of the skin to naturally produce collagen and fibroblast to tighten the skin, reduce skin sagging and reverse skin damage. All this without any downtime or pain!
  • From the age of 30 the Ageing process really begins and the HIFU Facelift turns back time. HIFU can be used on the Face, Neck, Decollatage. Our Full Face HIFU lift includes lifting of the eyebrows, frown lines and crows feet, cheek lifting, nasolabial fold lifting, chin and jaw tightening and décolletage tightening.

Results from HIFU Facelift

  • Tighter, Firmer skin with a significant reduction in sagging and fine lines and wrinkles. The skin will definitely look plumper and feel tighter and more youthful. After one or two sessions the skin will start to produce more collagen and Ageing concerns will be corrected. 6 months after your HIFU Facelift treatment you will see significant improvement in your skin.

How our Treatment Works?

  • Ultrasound energy is delivered deep in the dermis, where it damages the cells which in turn triggers the skins natural healing process. New collagen and elastin are produced which strengthens the structure that holds the skin.

The treatment

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The multi depth cartridges used target the deep layers of the skin to trigger fibroblast activity and collagen production. This last layer of tissue is normally the layer plastic surgeons play with when they perform a facelift. So HIFU is a real alternative to surgery. HIFU is completely safe and has been used in medicine for decades.

You need to understand this to really see how HIFU will work for you

HIFU creates thermal wounds to the skin in the deep layers. You’re body instantly gets the message to start the healing process of the skin. This is where the real magic happens. When the healing phase is kickstarted in the body fibroblast activity is produced which in turns promotes more collagen production. Collagen is the secret weapon to young youthful healthy skin.
We recommend starting this treatment early on and continuing along side your other treatments such as injectables, mesotherapy, PRP to keep in youthful optimal condition.

Which areas can HIFU treat?

  • Brow lifting
  • Jowl lifting
  • Mid face lifting
  • Nasolabial fold reduction
  • Neck lifting and tightening
  • Overall skin tightening and rejuvenation

The HIFU Treatment

You can definitely get better definition of the jawline, mid face and neck lifting, because the HIFU tightens and lifts the skin. Neck and jawline lifting and tightening has become a popular choice for clients wanting to contour and regain youth to their face.
We use a specific 4.5 cartridge that enables us to give this result. We have a number of different skin cartridges and will use different size cartridges depending on the area of the face is being treated. The different cartridge sizes mean the depth of penetration is different, there are some areas of the face that should have deeper penetration and some areas where the penetration should be superficial. There’s also a few zones on the face which must not be treated, this is why our technicians are extremely experienced in marking and preparing the face precisely before the treatment.
Treatment takes one hour to treat the full face and neck. Our New HIFU advanced technology delivers unmatchable results whilst being quick and totally pain free. The treatment is comfortable and relaxing, the no pain means your HIFU technician can work at a higher power so you get the best results from the treatment.

About our Technicians

HIFU can deliver amazing transformational results, but only in the right hands. At your consultation you will be assessed to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure and there’s no contraindications to the treatment. Our technicians are highly trained in selecting the correct parameters to deliver the best results. Accurately measuring the skin and selecting the correct cartridge size for different areas of the face is extremely important to the success of the treatment.
If the treatment is performed incorrectly there can be issues of fat loss. Rest assured you’re in safe hands with our Dr led clinic. With our correct machine, experienced practitioners, correct parameters and assessment of your face you will be satisfied with your results.

Our Procedure

Your experienced HIFU technician will first map out your skin precisely. Every face is different and we want to ensure that we target the areas you need to achieve the results you are after. Some clients require tightening of the lower face whilst other require focus on just jawline, others its upper cheekbones and eye area or Full face. Time will be spent preparing your face for the treatment. Once marking is complete an ultra sound gel will be applied over the treatment areas. The correct cartridge size for your skin will be prepared and the treatment will begin. You will fall asleep as you lie for an hour feeling comfortable warmth on your skin. The treatment will be performed slowly to allow all the energy to penetrate equally on all treatment areas. The treatment will be repeated up to 3 times to give you maximum benefit.

Is it true that after 1 session of HIFU il have the results I want?

Let’s get to the bottom of the truth here. Do not expect that immediately after your HIFU you will see results. This is not a thread lift or dermal filler treatment. Although having said that you will see the skin looks refreshed with increased blood circulation and look lifted. The way HIFU works is building natural collagen in the skin. Now think about this, building fibroblast activity which in turn builds collagen takes time. The process of collagen build up can take 4-6 months. Your skin will start improving from month 4 and you will continue to see subtle changes. The fine lines will be improved, and the facial skin will be more contoured and tighter. We recommend another session to improve the skin further. Remember skin improvement happens in stages that’s why with any treatment you require up to 3 sessions to give you the maximum results.

If you are after immediate results in one treatment, then this treatment is not for you. You should consider Facial Dermal Fillers, Thread lifts for immediate results. Our clients love HIFU as its easily combinable with other anti-ageing treatments and HIFU is one of the best treatments to prevent further ageing of the skin. Let’s face it prevention is better than cure.

What treatment can HIFU be combined with?

HIFU is perfect alongside other anti-ageing treatments such as Profhilo moisturising injectable treatment, PRP facial, Vampire facial. HIFU works great before having Dermal fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections and even Thread lift. In this case we recommend having the HIFU first to kick start the collagen production in the skin and then come in for your Dermal fillers, Anti -wrinkle injections or Threads. If you’re after amazing transformation this would be our recommendation. That’s why we love HIFU, it’s a great pre -treatment to other Aesthetic Ageing procedures.

The Ageing process explained and how HIFU can help

At the age of 30 your ageing process is kickstarted. At 34 you really start to notice the signs of ageing. At the age of 38 and 39 you really start to see the loss of skin tone around the jaw, eyes and neck.
In your 40s you start to notice static lines. Skin laxity and sagging starts to occur around the jawline, cheeks and temples start to become more hollow.
By the age of 50 there’s almost no new collagen being made. The collagen that exists starts to break down.
Everyone experiences ageing at different levels, one client may experience skin laxity in their mid-30s whilst another client may not experience this till their 40s. Ageing depends on a number of factors such as genes, lifestyle, environment etc.

Treatment like HIFU ensure you age gracefully and keep you looking youthful for longer. They prevent further collagen damage as you age.

Are you a good candidate for HIFU?

Clients who would be great for HIFU: We will always treat the right client with the right expectations. We will ensure you are assessed correctly for the treatment, your suitability will be thoroughly checked and we will ensure you get the best results.
Take a look at examples of clients who would make perfect candidates for HIFU.

60 year old client:
This client wants to stay away from fillers or thread lifts and is after an all-natural anti-ageing treatment. She will have 3 sessions of HIFU for a lift and she will see amazing results in 6 months.

58 year old client:
with Skin laxity, major reduction of collagen. This client will not only have HIFU but will have HIFU x 3 sessions as preparation to kick start collagen and then will have a Thread lift procedure.

50 year old client:
This client is really noticing the skin changes, they are dramatic compared to her 40s. She’s been having regular Anti-wrinkle injections. But now we need to improve the collagen production before the skin starts to look more aged.

40 year old client:
This client is starting to notice skin laxity decrease and less definition of the jawline and increased lines between the chin and cheeks. HIFU will definitely give the contour and shape to the jawline, mid face lifting will help with the nasolabial lines.

30 year old client:
This is a younger client who wants to lift the jawline. She’s already had one treatment and look at the amazing results. We would say the minimum age to start this treatment would be 30 years, when the ageing process is really kickstarted.

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Special Offer

Hifu Face Lift

Lower Face

1 Session £300

3 Sessions £600

Upper Face

1 Session £300

3 Sessions £600

Full Face & Neck

1 Session £450

3 Sessions £900

More Information 

A cold gel is applied to the skin and Ultrasound energy is delivered deep in the dermis, where it damages the cells which in turn triggers the skins natural healing process. New collagen and elastin are produced which strengthens the structure that holds the skin.

Anyone from the age of 30 wanting to prevent ageing and address certain fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

You are not suitable if you have severe ageing and sagging of the skin, in this case surgery would be recommended.

The majority of clients will require just one treatment to achieve great results. However some clients may require more than one session, this really is dependent on the severity of skin Ageing. Results are experience between 2-6 months after the treatment as it takes time for the skin to rebuild itself and promote collagen production.

You may feel slight warmth or stinging on the skin but overall the treatment is comfortable and you will feel no pain after the treatment.

The treatment will be complete within 60 minutes.

This treatment is considered to be a lunch time procedure with no downtime. You be slightly red and a little flushed which disappears in a few hours.

We recommend the Anti-Ageing Skin care Management System to use during and after your peel to really give your skin the best transformation. These products give your skin the ultimate glow and each of the products work to correct skin concerns.

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