• All types of Red Blush with Veins
  • Unique combination treatment
  • Laser & IPL reduces redness up to 90%
  • Diet plan, to reduce Rosacea
  • Prescribed Rosacea skincare

Procedure Time

20-30 minutes

No. of treatments

6-8 sessions



No real downtime


reduce redness by 90%


£80.00 per session

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Why Consider Rosacea Treatment?

  • If you suffer from embarrassing Facial Flush our IPL & Pulsed Dye Laser treatment for Rosacea will be the best thing you ever do.
  • Many sufferers do not know they have the condition and how treatable it really is.
  • Your GP can only give you drugs which only have short-term benefits with side effects. Our Laser & IPL treatment is the Gold standard treatment for Rosacea. If you do not get the Rosacea treated, the condition can progress and worsen.
  • We have an established understanding of Rosacea and its treatment.
  • Our unique combination approach to treat Rosacea includes Gold standard Laser & IPL treatment making changes to your diet, lifestyle & a prescribed rosacea skin care protocol.

Results from Rosacea Treatment

  • Our Rosacea treatment can reduce redness by up to 90%.
  • The treatment will also decrease itching, burning, dryness and swelling associated with Rosacea.
  • The treatment will make a significant difference to your life, there’s no longer a need to avoid social situations.
  • You will be left with clear even skin.

How our treatment works?

  • Our treatment includes a combination treatment protocol. This includes IPL/Laser treatment, Diet changes, Homecare products specific for Rosacea, Vitamins for the skin.
  • A specific treatment protocol will be devised for you at your consultation.
How IPL/Laser Works?
  • It is believed that the light from IPL and pulse dye Lasers have two actions that help in Rosacea.
  • Firstly, red thread veins absorb the light energy, which makes them hot. This damage encourages the body to reabsorb the veins, improving and fading their appearance.
  • Secondly, the light energy warms the collagen fibres in the skin. This stimulates new collagen and collagen remodelling, which improves the support of the small blood vessels and helps to delay the development of more thread veins.
  • The heated/dried blood then gets cleared away by the white blood cells in a process called phagocytosis.
  • By treating the blood vessels the vascular response is diminished.


Why choose us?

  • We utilise the latest Laser and Light systems to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment for your Rosacea.
  • Our Laser & IPL treatment will give you quick visible results with minimum risk.
  • Most of our clients are referred to by Friends & Family.
  • We offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

4 Easy steps for treating Rosacea

Rosacea Consultation

This is a Free consultation with our laser technician to assess your Rosacea and determine your suitability for the treatment. You will be advised of your nutrition and diet at your consultation. You will be advised of specific Rosacea products to use at home.

Rosacea Test Patch

The laser technician will perform your requested treatment on a small area to check for suitability and skin reaction. The test patch will determine whether your Rosacea is suitable for treatment. You will need to wait one week after the test patch before you can book your session.

Rosacea Treatment

The treatment is performed by our trained and certified Level 4 Laser & Light Therapists. Our therapists have been trained under the guidance of a Laser Protection Advisor and a Consultant Nurse and have reached the standard required by Polaris, Candela and Lynton training schools to operate these machines safely.

Rosacea Post Treatment Advice

You will need to ensure you use a good sun protection cream after treatment. Use specific Rosacea homecare products advised by the therapist will further improve your skin. Making dietary and lifestyle changes will enhance the results of the treatment. You will be given a post-treatment Advice sheet which you must follow


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More Information 

  • We use a combination approach to treat Rosacea. We will combine the following with our Laser/IPL treatment to further improve your skin and enhance the results from treatment.
  • We will look at your diet, it is known that a high acidic diet can be a contributing factor to Rosacea.
  • We will look at your lifestyle, any stressful situations can worsen Rosacea.
  • The type of work you do, if you’re working outdoors without sun protection you can develop Rosacea.
  • Homecare products you use can irritate Rosacea, so it’s important we introduce calming products specific for Rosacea.
  • Vitamins and Minerals you can consume to help maintain healthy function of the skin.

  • Light based treatments of vascular lesions deliver sufficient energy to the vessels in order to thermo coagulate the vessel with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.
  • Following the treatment, the damage vessels are absorbed by the body and the skin appears less red.
  • IPLs and pulsed dye lasers are excellent to use on diffused redness as they are superficial.
Techniques We Use
  • Pulse Stacking, this involves stacking the energies. First shot oxyhemoglobin is converted into methemoglobin and metahemoglobin will be absorbed better by a second shot. This is a more effective treatment method.
  • Paintbrush feathering techniques using Lasers delivering up to 12000 pulses to whole face per treatment.

  • Our Treatment is suitable for most people who suffer from embarrassing red facial flush, however, best results are obtained for those with fair skin, and there is less chance of side effects.

  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Anyone dark skinned above a Skin Type 4.
  • Sun tan/use of sun beds and fake tan
  • Healing disorders such as those caused by Diabetes Mellitus and lupus
  • History of Keloid scarring
  • Recent use of Roacutane
  • Immune, lymphatic system disorders
  • If you are on certain medications that make you unsuitable for laser/IPL treatment. In this case the client will be advised to come off the medication for several weeks before returning for the treatment.

  • Your skin is cleansed with a gentle gel cleanser suitable for more sensitive skin.
  • Goggles are put over the eyes and a chilled gel is applied to the skin to aid light absorption by the vessel.
  • The light applicator is then placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated.
  • The gel is removed and skin cleaned up.
  • The treated area is cooled to prevent residual burning sensation.
  • A special Rosacea cream is applied to the face.
  • A tinted Sun Protection cream is applied before you leave the clinic.

  • A typical treatment session is approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.

  • The treatment is well tolerated by most patients although some find it unpleasant. Sensations vary but most describe it as a hot pin prick.
  • The procedure is quite quick and there is no need for general anaesthesia.
  • You will experience a similar feeling to sunburn after the treatment for 1-2 hours.

  • You will need 6-8 treatments for maximum results spaced a month apart.

There are minimal side effects to these treatments although you may notice the following:

  • A change in vessel colour; usually a darkening or a greying of the vessel (Coagulation)
  • An irritated ‘cat scratch’ appearance
  • Peri-vascular bruising
  • The skin will be completely healed within 10-14 days.
  • You will be given aftercare advice sheet which you must follow.

  • Ensure you use a good quality sun protection cream and sensitive product range recommended to you by our therapist.
  • You can only use mineral makeup day of the treatment. We would recommend switching to mineral makeup .
  • We may advise you to make some dietary changes and changes to your lifestyle to allow for better results from treatment.
  • You will be given an aftercare advice sheet to follow.

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