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Why Consider Laser Hair Removal?

  • One of the most frustrating aspects of the transition from male to female is hair removal.
  • Are you tired of waxing, shaving, plucking?
  • It’s time-consuming removing hair daily and being conscience checking in the mirror to ensure the stubble is concealed.
  • The male feature causing the most discomfort for the transsexual woman is Facial hair. It’s very masculine and it’s normally the first areas a Trans woman will want to treat.
  • Our Advanced Laser technology gives you permanent hair reduction.

Our Laser treatment

  • Laser hair removal gets rid of the trouble of having to shave twice a day and You will notice,
  • Significant Hair Reduction in the treatment area.
  • Finer softer Hairs.
  • Less pigmented Light colour Hairs.
  • Eradication of thick coarse Terminal Hairs.
  • Eradication of Ingrown Hairs.

The results from Laser hair removal cannot be matched by traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, waxing and electrolysis. These methods do not provide satisfactory results.

  • The Laser treatment will improve your complexion leaving your skin baby soft.
  • You will be alleviated of the need to wear tonnes of foundation to conceal that 5 o’ clock shadow.
  • This process does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. With our advanced technology, you will see significant improvement within 6 sessions and our affordable packages will not put a hole in your pocket.
  • Body hair removal can help with your confidence during your transition.

Which areas of the Body can be treated?

  • Our Lasers can safely treat all areas of the Body including the Face and genetalia. We cannot treat eyebrows or near the eye region.
  • We offer a special Affordable Transgender Face and Body Hair Removal Packages.
  • If you decide to have more areas treated and purchase a course of treatments you will save money.

Why choose us?

  • We utilise the latest Laser & Light systems to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment for your hair & skin type.
  • We have the most versatile & effective hair removal systems available for coarse hair.
  • We have the largest number of Lasers in one Clinic.
  • Most of our clients are referred to by Friends & Family.
  • We offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

4 Easy steps for Hair-free skin

Hair-free Consultation

 This is a Free consultation with our laser technician to determine your skin and hair type and assess whether you are suitable for treatment.

Hairfree Test Patch

The laser technician will perform your requested treatment on a small area to check for suitability and skin reaction. You will need to wait one to two weeks after the test patch before you can book your session.

Hairfree Treatment

The treatment is performed by our trained and certified therapists. Our therapists have been trained under the guidance of a Laser Protection Advisor and a Consultant Nurse and have reached the standard required by Polaris, Candela and Lynton training schools to operate these machines safely.

Hairfree Post Treatment Advice

After your treatment you need to follow the post treatment advice. Your skin is photo sensitive after being exposed to a laser, so the most important thing to remember is to protect your skin by using a minimum of SPF 50 and not use any harsh chemicals on the treatment area during the course of the treatment.

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

 Before & Afters 

 More  Information 

Full Face £120 £60 £300
Front Neck £115 £20 £100
Back Neck £115 £30 £150
Jaw Line £90 £35 £175
Cheek Bones £80 £30 £150
Upper Lip £75 £20 £100
Chin £75 £25 £125
Sides of Face £90 £35 £175
Forehead £50 £25 £125
Eyebrows (Above & Middle) £45 £20 £100
Nose £70 £20 £100
Ears £70 £30 £150
Under Arms £90 £40 £200
Shoulders £100 £35 £175
Half Arms £135 £70 £350
Full Arms £220 £110 £550
Hands & Fingers £115 £25 £125
Half Legs £175 £105 £525
Full Legs £300 £180 £900
Feet & Toes £90 £20 £100
Upper or Lower Back £150 £70 £350
Full Back £220 £120 £600
Full Back incl. Shoulders £250 £150 £750
Chest £150 £60 £300
Abdomen £135 £60 £300
Chest & Abdomen £250 £110 £550
Nipples £70 £25 £125
Navel Pubis Line £70 £25 £125
Bikini Line £99 £40 £200
Hollywood (Full Bikini & Peri-anal) £220 £60 £300
Buttocks £150 £40 £200
  • Pre-operation the surgeon will recommend the hair to be removed from the scrotum and genetalia.
  • The treatment of genetalia varies greatly. We have a specific treatment protocol and parameter to ensure safety and results.
  • Please rest assured that your personal space will not be invaded and our professional code of conduct will always be followed.
  • Estrogen and hormone therapy will not help reduce facial hair.
  • Facial hair is the direct result of male puberty, and once there it is very difficult to remove even with Hormone therapy.
  • Laser and IPL cannot treat all colours of hair. Laser works best on light skin dark hair.
  • In Laser we are targeting the brown pigment in the hair shaft and then there’s the secondary minor mechanism which is the blood mechanism.
  • The chromophore (target) for Laser or IPL hair removal is Melanin. Lighter coloured hair has too little melanin to provide an effective target for laser.
  • There is currently no Laser or IPL technology available that treats light coloured hairs.
  • Electrolysis remains the gold standard method for treating white, blonde, grey, red hairs.
  • In Electrolysis you are destroying the dermal papilla and blood supply. Therefore the hair follicle does not need melanin for electrolysis to work.

How does Electrolysis work?

  • A tiny probe (about the same diameter as the hair) is inserted down into a follicle opening already present in the skin.
  • The probe is charged with a tiny amount of electrical current and you will feel either a build up of warmth concentrated in the locality or a sensation similar to a slight sting. Sensation depends on the area and the method of epilation used.
  • The hair is gently released from the follicle with tweezers leaving the client hair free. The hair slides out easily without traction.
  • The procedure is repeated on each individual unwanted hair to clear the area as much as possible within a given time frame whilst taking skin reaction into consideration.

Downsides to Electrolysis

  • Electrolysis is good for small areas of treatment. It is treating each individual follicle unlike Laser which treats up to 24 mm in each shot. Large areas such as full face or body treatments are not suitable for electrolysis.
  • Electrolysis can be painful and a tedious procedure.
  • You have to have some growth for electrolysis, this can be particularly difficult if you are trying to conceal your beard.
  • If you have a mixture of dark and white hairs our advice would be to treat the dark hairs first with laser and treat the rest of the areas with Electrolysis.
  • If you are considering Electrolysis for light hairs we recommend that you find an experienced Electrologist. The needle needs to be inserted carefully into the opening of the hair follicle, if it’s not irreversible damage can occur on the skin such as deep pitted scarring.

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