Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

Home Hair Removal Devices
The idea of the home hair removal device is to bring the results from in clinic procedures home to the consumer for a cheaper price.


So do these Devices work? 
The idea that people can laser themselves at home is absurd. The Home devices are weak and ineffective and not worth the bother.

Most of these systems have an energy output less than 1 tenth of a Joule. Joules are how strong the device is and how much energy it puts out to affect a follicle. In very simple terms the home devices have a maximum of 10 joules whereas the in clinic machines have a power of 100 joules. You do the maths!

The home devices use simplified technology with a lot less power than professional clinic machines. The home devices cannot deliver the amount of heat required to destroy the hair follicle. The low amount of energy being delivered causes some damage to the follicle short term only.

In clinic hair removal procedures start at 50 Joules higher and then go higher towards the end of the clients sessions.

The home device systems are only useful to maintain results and used in time intervals between in clinic treatments.

The home Devices are not suitable for Dark skin
Most of these Devices are not suitable for dark skin. These devices are sold without warning of contraindication or suitability of your skin type.

These devices use an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light technology) which means that if they are used on dark skin such as Indian, Asian, Arabic or Black skin they can cause pigmentation and scarring.

When you come in for an in clinic treatment the therapist will check your skin type and use a wavelength which is suitable for the colour of your skin.

Difficulty of use
Performing a treatment with a home device takes a long time and is slow and tedious. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to perform the treatments.

Some areas are really hard to treat like back of legs, Back, shoulders and Buttocks.

In a Clinic a trained therapist will carry out your treatment making sure all areas are covered. The high Jouled power machines with high repetition rates will cover your skin quickly.

When deciding whether to visit a Laser clinic or using a home IPL device, remember it will be more inconvenient and will take longer to get any sort of results with a home device. You will see a much faster and effective result having an in clinic treatment.
See a Professional to get a great, long lasting result safely.