Your countdown to beautiful skin begins here… Imagine a life free of unwanted hair, no more waxing, shaving or plucking


Procedure Time

From 15 minutes 

No. of treatments

6 sessions



No real downtime


Hair free Smoother Skin


Starting from £20

About The Treatment

Why consider Laser Hair Removal?

  • Unwanted body hair continues to be an aesthetic problem affecting Women. The total number of hair follicles for an adult human is estimated to be at least 5 million (with 1 million of these on the head).
  • Hair removal is the most commonly requested cosmetic procedure in the world. Laser hair removal has become the “Gold standard” method of hair removal. Laser hair removal provides fast removal of unwanted hair from large areas of the face and body with few side effects. It makes a huge difference to one’s appearance.

Results from Laser Hair Removal

  • Significant Hair Reduction in the treatment area.
  • Finer softer Hairs.
  • Less pigmented Light colour Hairs.
  • Eradication of thick coarse Terminal Hairs.
  • Eradication of Ingrown Hairs.
  • Smoother Softer Baby Skin. Laser is proven to improve skin texture, heating up the dermis stimulates collagen production.

The results from Laser hair removal cannot be matched by traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, plucking, waxing & electrolysis.These methods do not provide satisfactory results.


Why choose us?

  • We utilise the latest Laser & Light systems to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment for your hair & skin type.
  • We have the most versatile & effective hair removal systems available for coarse hair.
  • We have the largest number of Lasers in one Clinic.

  • Most of our clients are referred to by Friends & Family.
  • We offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

4 Easy steps for Hair-free skin

Hair-free Consultation

 This is a Free consultation with our laser technician to determine your skin and hair type and assess whether you are suitable for treatment.

Hairfree Test Patch

The laser technician will perform your requested treatment on a small area to check for suitability and skin reaction. You will need to wait one to two weeks after the test patch before you can book your session.

Hairfree Treatment

The treatment is performed by our trained and certified therapists. Our therapists have been trained under the guidance of a Laser Protection Advisor and a Consultant Nurse and have reached the standard required by Polaris, Candela and Lynton training schools to operate these machines safely.

Hairfree Post Treatment Advice

After your treatment you need to follow the post treatment advice. Your skin is photo sensitive after being exposed to a laser, so the most important thing to remember is to protect your skin by using a minimum of SPF 50 and not use any harsh chemicals on the treatment area during the course of the treatment.

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Full Face £120 £60 £300
Front Neck £115 £20 £100
Back Neck £115 £30 £150
Jaw Line £90 £35 £175
Cheek Bones £80 £30 £150
Upper Lip £75 £20 £100
Chin £75 £25 £125
Sides of Face £90 £35 £175
Forehead £50 £25 £125
Eyebrows (Above & Middle) £45 £20 £100
Nose £70 £20 £100
Ears £70 £30 £150
Under Arms £90 £40 £200
Shoulders £100 £35 £175
Half Arms £135 £70 £350
Full Arms £220 £110 £550
Hands & Fingers £115 £25 £125
Half Legs £175 £105 £525
Full Legs £300 £180 £900
Feet & Toes £90 £20 £100
Upper or Lower Back £150 £70 £350
Full Back £220 £120 £600
Full Back incl. Shoulders £250 £150 £750
Chest £150 £60 £300
Abdomen £135 £60 £300
Chest & Abdomen £250 £110 £550
Nipples £70 £25 £125
Navel Pubis Line £70 £25 £125
Bikini Line £99 £40 £200
Hollywood (Full Bikini & Peri-anal) £220 £60 £300
Buttocks £150 £40 £200

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