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Laser Hair Removal

Only £149 per session

Womens Full Body

Only Available at

Chiswick & Maida Vale Clinics

Laser Hair Removal

Womens Full Body                   £149

Full Hollywood & Underarms  £49

Mens Full Body                         £199

(When you buy 8 Sessions)

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  • Established in 2008
  • 8 Clinics across UK
  • Doctor & Nurse Led Clinic
  • Fully Qualified & Registered Practitioners
  • Performed over 100,000 treatments
  • Most Advanced Medical Grade Laser Machines
  • Candela GMax Pro Nd:Yag & Alexandrite Lasers
  • Safe & Effective for all skin types
  • Treatments for Men & Women

Laser Hair Removal Offers

Womens Laser Hair Removal

£149/ Session

Women Laser Hair Removal (Full Body)

Mens Laser Hair Removal

£199/ Session

Men Laser Hair Removal (Full Body)

Intimate Area


Full Hollywood & Underarms

Other Offers

IPL Photo Rejuvenation


IPL Photo Rejuvenation only £55

Medical Extraction Facial


Medical Extraction Facial with Peel only £69


Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Spots?
In people with sensitive skin, getting a few red spots and temporary dark bumps for a few hours
following a laser hair removal session is normal. The itchiness might lead to some darker spots occurring
on the skin but just for a few hours. Most of the people, however, do not get any spot on their skin after
getting laser hair removal done.
Can Laser Hair Removal Stimulate Hair Growth?
Laser hair removal therapies have not yet been reported to stimulate or regularise the normal tendency
of hair growth on any skin. Unless you get your laser hair removal from some non-credible clinic, there is
no chance that your hair growth rate will stimulate afterwards.
Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Skin Cancer?
Contrary to popular belief, Laser hair removal has nothing to do with causing cancer. Laser beams used
for hair removal result in the production of very feeble radiations that don’t have the power to interfere
with body’s cell production or multiplication and therefore, there is no reason that laser beams can be
accused of causing cancer.
Can Laser Hair Removal Damage skin?
Laser hair removal might cause a temporary state of discomfort in people with sensitive skin, but there
are very rare chances for anyone to have their skin permanently damaged after a session. If you follow
the precautions and limit other treatments for your skin for a defined period before and after a laser
session, there is a 99% chance that your skin will stay unharmed.
Can Laser Hair Removal help Acne?
Even when it is not always guaranteed, in many cases, one or two regular laser hair removal sessions can
act as a great treatment for your skin’s acne. Moreover, laser hair removal also helps with clearing away
the spots and marks from the past acne and can, sometimes, prevent acne from popping up on your